Precision Farming
Smart devices


With limited resources & an enormous population, precision farming & smart farms represent the future of agriculture. These smart farms will be connected to cloud (IoT) & will use data analytics , robotics extensively for precision farming.

We are building devices for smart farms to enable our farmers to become self-sustainable & profitable. We are also bringing in business analytics to farmers fingertips. With business analytics, farmers will gain more clarity about the market trends.

Quaadbotics is on a mission to enable each farmer towards this direction. Our technologies will provide better clarity to take decisions at the right time. Our product " Jala Niranthara: motor controller " marks the first step in this direction. "Jala Niranthara" comes with smartphone apps, which provide data analytics at your fingertips. Join us to script your success story.

of precision farming

  • Save water & fertilizers through precision farming.
  • Manage your resources wisely with precision farming. Resource saved is a resource produced.
  • Avoid physical effort & inconvenience.
  • Farmers do not have to travel at odd hours to access the devices on the field. You can do it all with a click of a button.
  • Prevent soil degradation.
  • Healthy soil is the greatest gift that we can give to our future genaration. With planned disbursal of fertilizers & pesticides we reduce soil degradation.
  • Increase agriculture productivity.
  • Optimize your cropping pattern & resources to increase agricultural productivity, earn more with optimal efforts.

Jala Niranthara
Motor starter & protector

" Jala Niranthara " is our first step in building smart farms.
Today farmers are faced with problems of motor failures & inconsistent power supply. A substantial amount of time, energy & personal life are sacrificed by our farmers just to switch on/off the motor. We are here to protect & give mobile access to motors & plan the irrigation as per each farmer's needs with a simple to use android app.

Motor protection.

Being farmers ourselves, we recognize the pain of motor failures. Therefore, we have come up with a solution to prevent motor failures. " Jala Niranthara " protects your motors from :

  • over/under voltage conditions.
  • phase failure condition on the HT or LT side of the distribution transformer.
  • Overloading or dry run conditions.
  • Locked rotor conditions.
  • Load side cable failures.
  • & as well as plan the irrigation.

Mobile accesses to motors.

Another problem that our farmers are facing is inconsistancy in power supply. They routinely go to farms to switch on or off the motor in odd hours. With " Jala Niranthra " you can:

  • Switch on/off the motor with a missed call or using smart phone app.
  • Schedule irrigations with pre program timers.
  • Control multiple motors.
  • Multiple users can have access to the device.
  • Get motor run analytics at your fingertips.

Save water.

Set timers to switch on/off motors & stop over/under irrigating your farms. It's all here, get " Jala Niranthara " now.